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Realization of Isolated and High-Density Skyrmions at Room Temperature in Uncompensated Synthetic Antiferromagnets

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posted on 16.04.2020, 13:34 by Ruyi Chen, Yang Gao, Xichao Zhang, Ruiqi Zhang, Siqi Yin, Xianzhe Chen, Xiaofeng Zhou, Yongjian Zhou, Jing Xia, Yan Zhou, Shouguo Wang, Feng Pan, Ying Zhang, Cheng Song
Magnetic skyrmions are vortex-like spin textures with nontrivial spin topology and novel physical properties that show promise as an essential building block for novel spintronic applications. Skyrmions in synthetic antiferromagnets (SAF) have been proposed long-term to have many advantages than those in ferromagnetic materials, which suffer from fundamental limits for size and efficient manipulation. Thus, experimental realization of skyrmions in SAF is intensely pursued. Here we show the observation of zero-field stable magnetic skyrmions at room temperature in SAF [Co/Pd]/Ru/[Co/Pd] multilayers with Lorentz transmission electron microscope, where uncompensated moments of the SAF provide a medium for the skyrmion characterization. Isolated skyrmions and high-density skyrmions via magnetic field and electromagnetic coordinated methods have been observed, respectively. These created high-density skyrmions maintain at zero-field even when both the current and magnetic field are removed. The use of skyrmions in SAF would advance the process toward practical nonvolatile memories based on spin topology.