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Real-Time Visualization of Solid-Phase Ion Migration Kinetics on Nanowire Monolayer

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posted on 20.04.2020, 19:03 by Zhen He, Li−Ge Chang, Yue Lin, Feng-Lei Shi, Ze-Dong Li, Jin-Long Wang, Yi Li, Rui Wang, Qing-Xia Chen, Yu-Yang Lu, Qing-Hua Zhang, Lin Gu, Yong Ni, Jian-Wei Liu, Jian-Bo Wu, Shu-Hong Yu
Ion migration has been recognized as a critical step in determining the performance of numerous devices in chemistry, biology, and material science. However, direct visualization and quantitative investigation of solid-phase ion migration among anisotropic nanostructures have been a challenging task. Here, we report an in-situ ChemTEM method to quantitatively investigate the solid-phase ion migration process among coassembled nanowires (NWs). This complicated process was tracked within a NW and between NWs with an obvious nanogap, which was revealed by both phase field simulation and ab initio modeling theoretical evaluation. A migration “bridge” between neighboring NWs was observed. Furthermore, these new observations could be applied to migration of other metal ions on semiconductor NWs. These findings provide critical insights into the solid-phase ion migration kinetics occurring in nanoscale systems with generality and offer an efficient tool to explore other ion migration processes, which will facilitate fabrication of customized and new heteronanostructures in the future.