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Reactive Tandem Ion Mobility Spectrometry with Electric Field Fragmentation of Alcohols at Ambient Pressure

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posted on 10.04.2019, 00:00 by Hossein Shokri, Maika Vuki, Ben D. Gardner, Hsein-Chi Niu, Umesh Chiluwal, Bhupendra K. Gurung, David B. Emery, Gary A. Eiceman
A tandem ion mobility spectrometer at ambient pressure with a reactive stage produced fragment ions by water elimination from protonated monomers of alcohols with carbon numbers three to nine. Protonated monomers of individual alcohols were mobility isolated in a first drift region and were fragmented to carbocations at 64 to 128 Td and 45 to 89°C. Precursor and fragment ions were mobility characterized in a second drift region. Enthalpies for fragmentation of ROH2+ to primary carbocations were calculated as 76 to 97 kJ/mol and enthalpies for subsequent charge migration to 2° carbocations were −49 to −58 kJ/mol. Plots of drift times for pairs of protonated monomer and fragment ions from alcohols, esters, alkanes, and aldehydes produced distinctive trend lines attributed to fragmentation paths characteristic of chemical class. Specific combinations of drift times for fragments and precursor ions provide additional chemical information for spectral interpretation in ion mobility spectrometry.