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Rapid and Large-Scale Preparation of Stable and Efficient White Light Emissive Perovskite Microcrystals Using Ionic Liquids

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posted on 2022-06-27, 13:35 authored by Mengyan Cao, Xiujian Zhao, Xiao Gong
In this work, we report large-scale preparation of stable Sb3+ and Bi3+ codoped Cs2ZrCl6 microcrystals for highly efficient white light emission using ionic liquids, demonstrating a broad dual-band white emission covering 400–800 nm. The dual emissions originate from the associated self-trapped excitons of the [SbCl6]3– and [BiCl6]3– octahedra. Moreover, the ratio of the dual-emission peaks can be effectively regulated by tuning the excitation wavelength. Meanwhile, to improve the optical properties and stability, ionic liquids are employed to assist the synthesis process of perovskite materials. The white light emission of one of the samples demonstrates CIE coordinates right in the center of the white light region (0.334, 0.331) and an excellent color rendering index (∼90.3), accompanied by a 66.1% quantum efficiency. Moreover, our method allows the facile synthesis of large batches of microcrystalline powders. Our findings demonstrate the potential of white phosphors as single components for future applications in lighting fields.