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Rapid and High-Yield Synthesis of [23]Crown Ether: Applied as a Wheel Component in the Formation of Pseudo[2]rotaxane and Synthesis of [2]Catenane with a Dibenzylammonium Dumbbell

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journal contribution
posted on 21.05.2021, 18:09 by Manisha Prakashni, Rasendra Shukla, Suvankar Dasgupta
A facile, rapid, and high yield synthesis of [23]­crown ether (X23C7) has been developed from commercially available starting materials, in one step with good to excellent yield. The reaction is completed in 6 h under room temperature conditions, with the highest yield being 81%. The X23C7 macrocycle formed pseudo[2]­rotaxane with a dibenzylammonium ion (DBA+) dumbbell, exhibiting strong association (Ka = 2.61 × 103 M–1). Consequently, a [2]­catenane was synthesized from a DBA+-based diolefin terminated salt and X23C7 in 81% yield, using a threading-followed-ring-closing-metathesis approach.