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Radical-Induced Low-Field 1H Relaxation in Solid Pyruvic Acid Doped with Trityl-OX063

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posted on 2022-11-01, 00:06 authored by Michael Jurkutat, Hana Kouřilová, David Peat, Karel Kouřil, Alixander S. Khan, Anthony J. Horsewill, James F. MacDonald, John Owers-Bradley, Benno Meier
In dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP), radicals such as trityl provide a source for high nuclear spin polarization. Conversely, during the low-field transfer of hyperpolarized solids, the radicals’ dipolar or Non-Zeeman reservoir may act as a powerful nuclear polarization sink. Here, we report the low-temperature proton spin relaxation in pyruvic acid doped with trityl, for fields from 5 mT to 2 T. We estimate the heat capacity of the radical Non-Zeeman reservoir experimentally and show that a recent formalism by Wenckebach yields a parameter-free, yet quantitative model for the entire field range.