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RNA-Based Fluorescent Biosensors for Live Cell Imaging of Second Messengers Cyclic di-GMP and Cyclic AMP-GMP

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posted on 03.04.2013, 00:00 by Colleen A. Kellenberger, Stephen C. Wilson, Jade Sales-Lee, Ming C. Hammond
Cyclic dinucleotides are an important class of signaling molecules that regulate a wide variety of pathogenic responses in bacteria, but tools for monitoring their regulation in vivo are lacking. We have designed RNA-based fluorescent biosensors for cyclic di-GMP and cyclic AMP-GMP by fusing the Spinach aptamer to variants of a natural GEMM-I riboswitch. In live cell imaging experiments, these biosensors demonstrate fluorescence turn-on in response to cyclic dinucleotides, and they were used to confirm in vivo production of cyclic AMP-GMP by the enzyme DncV.