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RAFT Polymerization with Triphenylstannylcarbodithioates (Sn-RAFT)

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posted on 18.08.2015, 00:00 by Ihor Kulai, Oleksii Brusylovets, Zoia Voitenko, Simon Harrisson, Stéphane Mazières, Mathias Destarac
A new range of tin-based reversible addition–fragmentation chain-transfer (RAFT) agents is described and evaluated for the polymerization of acrylamides, methyl acrylate and styrene. These organometallic compounds are highly reactive reversible transfer agents which allow an efficient control of the polymerization of substituted acrylamide monomers, whereas RAFT control for methyl acrylate and styrene polymerization is contaminated by side reactions at prolonged reaction times. 119Sn NMR is shown to be an informative instrument for the monitoring of Sn-RAFT-mediated polymerizations.