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Quantum Mechanical Models Correlating Structure with Selectivity:  Predicting the Enantioselectivity of β-Amino Alcohol Catalysts in Aldehyde Alkylation

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posted on 08.05.2003, 00:00 by Marisa C. Kozlowski, Steven L. Dixon, Manoranjan Panda, Giorgio Lauri
Quantitative structure selectivity relationship (QSSR) models are described that provide consistently reliable predictions for the asymmetric addition of Et2Zn to PhCHO catalyzed by β-amino alcohols. Statistically valid two-variable linear regression models that correlate the structures of the chiral catalysts with their enantioselectivities are obtained from three-dimensional physical property grids. The strength of the present method is that statistical models obtained from a small set of experimentally determined selectivities and relatively simple theoretical calculations yield selectivity predictions that are as accurate as those derived from higher-level calculations of transition-structure energies. Only minutes of computing time are required. Simple models are obtained which permit straightforward physical interpretation and generate realistic predictions.