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Quantum-Dot-Based Nanosensor for RRE IIB RNA−Rev Peptide Interaction Assay

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journal contribution
posted on 2006-04-26, 00:00 authored by Chun-yang Zhang, Lawrence W. Johnson
Rev is an important HIV-1 regulatory protein that binds the Rev responsive element (RRE) within the env gene of HIV-1 RNA genome; the binding of Rev to RRE is essential for the expression of the structural genes, gag-pol and env, and for HIV replication. Here we report a quantum-dot (QD)-based nanosensor that can be used in fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) assays of RRE IIB RNA−Rev peptide interactions. In comparison with conventional fluorescent dye-based methods, this QD-based nanosensor offers the distinct advantages of not inhibiting the Rev−RRE interaction, high sensitivity, improved accuracy, and simultaneous FRET-related two-parameter detection. This QD-based nanosensor provides a new approach to study the effects of inhibitors upon Rev−RRE interaction, and it may have a wide applicability in the development of new drugs against HIV-1 infection.