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Pyrazolate-Based Porphyrinic Metal–Organic Framework with Extraordinary Base-Resistance

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posted on 10.02.2016, 21:30 by Kecheng Wang, Xiu-Liang Lv, Dawei Feng, Jian Li, Shuangming Chen, Junliang Sun, Li Song, Yabo Xie, Jian-Rong Li, Hong-Cai Zhou
Guided by a top-down topological analysis, a metal–organic framework (MOF) constructed by pyrazolate-based porphyrinic ligand, namely, PCN-601, has been rationally designed and synthesized, and it exhibits excellent stability in alkali solutions. It is, to the best of our knowledge, the first identified MOF that can retain its crystallinity and porosity in saturated sodium hydroxide solution (∼20 mol/L) at room temperature and 100 °C. This almost pushes base-resistance of porphyrinic MOFs (even if MOFs) to the limit in aqueous media and greatly extends the range of their potential applications. In this work, we also tried to interpret the stability of PCN-601 from both thermodynamic and kinetic perspectives.