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Pulse Radiolysis and Transient Absorption of Aqueous Cr(VI) Solutions up to 325 °C

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posted on 2022-10-21, 19:46 authored by Jacy K. Conrad, Aliaksandra Lisouskaya, David M. Bartels
Pulse radiolysis with a custom multichannel detection system has been used to measure the kinetics of the radiation chemistry reactions of aqueous solutions of chromium(VI) to 325 °C for the first time. Kinetic traces were measured simultaneously over a range of wavelengths and fit to obtain the associated high-temperature rate coefficients and Arrhenius parameters for the reactions of Cr(VI) + eaq, Cr(VI) + H, and Cr(V) + OH. These kinetic parameters can be used to predict the behavior of toxic Cr(VI) in models of aqueous systems for applications in nuclear technology, industrial wastewater treatment, and chemical dosimetry.