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Protic Ruthenium Tris(pyrazol-3-ylmethyl)amine Complexes Featuring a Hydrogen-Bonding Network in the Second Coordination Sphere

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posted on 21.12.2015, 00:00 by Hiroaki Yamagishi, Shohei Nabeya, Takao Ikariya, Shigeki Kuwata
We synthesized ruthenium complexes bearing a tris­(pyrazol-3-ylmethyl)­amine ligand LH3 and revealed that this tripodal ligand allows predictable accumulation of three proton-delivering NH groups around a coordination site. The Brønsted acidity of the NH groups in LH3 led to the formation of multiple hydrogen bonds with the substrate ligand and deprotonation. The chlorido complex ligated by LH3 catalyzed disproportionation of 1,2-diphenylhydrazine.