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Proteoform Suite: Software for Constructing, Quantifying, and Visualizing Proteoform Families

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journal contribution
posted on 01.12.2017, 00:00 by Anthony J. Cesnik, Michael R. Shortreed, Leah V. Schaffer, Rachel A. Knoener, Brian L. Frey, Mark Scalf, Stefan K. Solntsev, Yunxiang Dai, Audrey P. Gasch, Lloyd M. Smith
We present an open-source, interactive program named Proteoform Suite that uses proteoform mass and intensity measurements from complex biological samples to identify and quantify proteoforms. It constructs families of proteoforms derived from the same gene, assesses proteoform function using gene ontology (GO) analysis, and enables visualization of quantified proteoform families and their changes. It is applied here to reveal systemic proteoform variations in the yeast response to salt stress.