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Properties of Active Levan-Bitter Vetch Protein Films for Potential Use in Food Packaging Applications

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posted on 2023-11-03, 21:13 authored by Amir Bouallegue, Mohammed Sabbah, Prospero Di Pierro, Ahmad Mohammad Salamatullah, Mohammed Bourhia, Semia Ellouz-Chaabouni
ζ-potential and Z-average were determined on film-forming solutions of bitter vetch–levan-based films prepared at different ratios in the absence and presence of glycerol as a plasticizer. The casting method was used to obtain manageable films. The results revealed that levan increases the elongation at break of bitter vetch protein films and reduces the tensile strength. The optimal result was obtained through the film that was prepared with the ratio of 50% bitter vetch proteins and 50% levan, in terms of mechanical properties. The surfaces of the prepared films appeared to be more compact and smooth. On increasing the glycerol concentration in the bitter vetch protein–levan films, the oxygen and water vapor permeability increased compared to the control (P < 0.05). Based on the overall results, the reinforcement of bitter vetch proteins with levan at a ratio of 1:1 represents optimal film properties in the presence of a low concentration of glycerol. The proposed film is suggested as an innovative packaging system for beef meat to preserve its quality over time.