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Promising Ti3C2Tx MXene/Ni Chain Hybrid with Excellent Electromagnetic Wave Absorption and Shielding Capacity

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posted on 19.06.2019, 00:00 by Luyang Liang, Gaojie Han, Yang Li, Biao Zhao, Bing Zhou, Yuezhan Feng, Jianmin Ma, Yaming Wang, Rui Zhang, Chuntai Liu
Electromagnetic (EM) pollution affecting people’s normal lives and health has attracted considerable attention in the current society. In this work, a promising EM wave absorption and shielding material, MXene/Ni hybrid, composed of one-dimensional Ni nanochains and two-dimensional Ti3C2Tx nanosheets (MXene), is successfully designed and developed. As expected, excellent EM wave absorption and shielding properties are obtained and controlled by only adjusting the MXene content in the hybrid. A minimum reflection loss of −49.9 dB is obtained only with a thickness of 1.75 mm at 11.9 GHz when the MXene content is 10 wt %. Upon further increasing the MXene content to 50 wt %, the optimal EM shielding effectiveness (SE) reaches 66.4 dB with an absorption effectiveness (SEA) of 59.9 dB. Mechanism analysis reveals that the excellent EM wave absorption and shielding performances of the hybrid are contributed to the synergistic effect of conductive MXene and magnetic Ni chains, by which, the dielectric properties and electromagnetic loss can be easily controlled to obtain appropriate impedance matching conditions and good EM wave dissipation ability. This work provides a simple but effective route to develop MXene-based EM wave absorption and shielding materials. A universal guideline for designing the absorbing and shielding materials for the future is also proposed.