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Profiling Fruit Volatiles in the Progeny of a ‘Royal Gala’ × ‘Granny Smith’ Apple (Malus × domestica) Cross

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posted on 09.09.2009, 00:00 by Daryl D. Rowan, Martin B. Hunt, Aurélie Dimouro, Peter A. Alspach, Rosemary Weskett, Richard K. Volz, Susan E. Gardiner, David Chagné
Volatile flavor compounds from the fruit of the progeny of two apple (Malus × domestica) cultivars with distinctive flavor and volatile profiles, ‘Royal Gala’ and ‘Granny Smith’, were measured by headspace gas chromatography−mass spectrometry over two fruiting seasons. Principal component analysis separated the volatile profiles into two groups according to the amounts produced of butyl, 2-methybutyl, pentyl, and hexyl acetates and of ethyl butanoate, butanol, 2-methylbutanol, and hexanol. Fruit containing the four acetate esters clustered with the ‘Royal Gala’ parent and were scored more similar to ‘Royal Gala’ than to “Granny Smith’ in flavor. Fruit clustering with the ‘Granny Smith’ parent contained higher levels of ethyl butanoate and alcohols. Levels of acetate esters correlated to levels of their alcohol precursors, and control of this trait segregated in Mendelian fashion. The locus was mapped to the top of ‘Royal Gala’ linkage group 2 close to the Rvi4 (Vh4) locus for resistance to Venturia inaequalis, the causal agent of apple scab.