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Probing a Non-Thermal Plasma Activated Heterogeneously Catalyzed Reaction Using in Situ DRIFTS-MS

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posted on 17.12.2015, 07:14 by C. E. Stere, W. Adress, R. Burch, S. Chansai, A. Goguet, W. G. Graham, C. Hardacre
The current paper reports on a newly developed DRIFTS-MS system for the investigation of non-thermal plasma (NTP) assisted heterogeneously catalyzed reactions. Specifically, this methodology has been utilized to investigate the surface changes during the NTP-activated hydrocarbon selective catalytic reduction (HC-SCR) deNOx reaction over a silver-based catalyst at ambient temperature using simulated diesel fuels (toluene and n-octane). The experimental setup and the methods used to investigate the plasma activation operating with helium as the carrier gas in order to examine low-temperature reactions are described. The technique has identified the importance, even at low temperatures, of isocyanate species in the HC-SCR deNOx reaction as well as the critical role of water in the formation of N2.