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Probing Redox Photocatalysis of Trapped Electrons and Holes on Single Sb-doped Titania Nanorod Surfaces

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posted on 07.03.2012, 00:00 authored by Weilin Xu, Prashant K. Jain, Brandon J. Beberwyck, A. Paul Alivisatos
We used a fluorogenic reaction to study in conjunction the photocatalytic properties for both active sites (trapped photogenerated electrons and holes) on individual Sb-doped TiO2 nanorods with single-molecule fluorescence microscopy. It was found that active sites around trapped holes show higher activity, stronger binding ability, and a different dissociation mechanism for the same substrate and product molecules in comparison with the active sites around trapped electrons. These differences could be elucidated by a model involving the charged microenvironments around the active sites.