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Preparation of Optically Pure Tertiary Phosphine Oxides via the Addition of P‑Stereogenic Secondary Phosphine Oxide to Activated Alkenes

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posted on 27.07.2016, 00:00 by Ji-Ping Wang, Shao-Zhen Nie, Zhong-Yang Zhou, Jing-Jing Ye, Jing-Hong Wen, Chang-Qiu Zhao
Functionalized P,C-stereogenic tertiary phosphine oxides were prepared by the addition of (RP)-menthyl phenylphosphine oxide to activated olefins, in high drP and drC, and were isolated in excellent yields. The reaction was readily catalyzed by Ca­(OH)2 or occurred with gentle heating. A wide range of substrates, including vinyl ketones, esters, nitriles, and nitro alkenes, can be used in the reaction.