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Preparation, Properties, and Crystal Structure of New Conjugated Oligomers with a Pendant Ferrocenyl and an End-Capped Pyridine

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posted on 18.08.2000, 00:00 by José A. Mata, Santiago Uriel, Rosa Llusar, Eduardo Peris
New ferrocenyl−pyridine conjugated ligands have been obtained by several routes in which we combined Wittig and Horner−Emmons−Wadsworth (HEW) reactions, the latter showing better results both in yield and selectivity for the E isomers. Methylation of the ferrocenyl−pyridyl compounds yields cationic ferrocenyl−pyridinium compounds, whose electronic properties have been studied. The crystal structures of several of the described complexes are reported, showing a conjugated pathway of up to 27 Å.