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Preference for Nitrogen versus Oxygen Donor Coordination in Uranyl- and Neptunyl(VI) Complexes

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posted on 17.10.2005, 00:00 by Mark J. Sarsfield, Iain May, Stephanie M. Cornet, Madeleine Helliwell
The first actinyl phosphinimine complexes have been synthesized and, in the case of uranium, exhibit strong U−N interactions. Competition reactions clearly demonstrate a surprising preference for R3PNH ligands over R3PO in the system [AnO2Cl2(R3PX)2] (An = UVI, NpVI; R = Ph, Cy; X = O, NH). Spectroscopic evidence for N-donor coordination to [NpO2]2+ in solution indicates chemical similarities to the [UO2]2+ moiety.