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Predicting Boiling Points and Flash Points of Monochloroalkanes from Structure

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posted on 14.01.2015, 00:00 by Felix A. Carroll, David M. Brown, Frank H. Quina
Boiling points (TB) of acyclic monochloroalkanes are predicted from their boiling point numbers (YBP) with the relationship previously established for hydrocarbons, TB (K) = −16.802 YBP2/3 + 337.377 YBP1/3 – 437.883. The YBP values are determined from molecular structure through the relationship YBP = 1.726 + ICl + 2.779C + 1.716M3 + 1.564M + 4.204E3 + 3.905E – 0.329D + 0.241G + 0.479V + 0.574S. Here ICl is a contribution to the YBP value resulting from the substitution of Cl for H on an alkane, while the other parameters are the same as those reported earlier for calculating YBP values of alkanes. For a data set of 82 acyclic monochloroalkanes having from 4 to 20 carbon atoms, the average absolute deviation between reported TB values and those predicted with these equations was 1.39 K, and the R2 of the correlation was 0.999. In addition, the calculated YBP values provide a useful means to predict the flash points of monochloroalkanes through the relationship TFP (K) = 150.5 ln­(YBP) – 185.6.