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Precursor Supply for Erythromycin Biosynthesis: Engineering of Propionate Assimilation Pathway Based on Propionylation Modification

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posted on 2019-01-18, 00:00 authored by Di You, Miao-Miao Wang, Bin-Cheng Yin, Bang-Ce Ye
Erythromycin is necessary in medical treatment and known to be biosynthesized with propionyl-CoA as direct precursor. Oversupply of propionyl-CoA induced hyperpropionylation, which was demonstrated as harmful for erythromycin synthesis in Saccharopolyspora erythraea. Herein, we identified three propionyl-CoA synthetases regulated by propionylation, and one propionyl-CoA synthetase SACE_1780 revealed resistance to propionylation. A practical strategy for raising the precursor (propionyl-CoA) supply bypassing the feedback inhibition caused by propionylation was developed through two approaches: deletion of the propionyltransferase AcuA, and SACE_1780 overexpression. The constructed ΔacuA strain presented a 10% increase in erythromycin yield; SACE_1780 overexpression strain produced 33% higher erythromycin yield than the wildtype strain NRRL2338 and 22% higher erythromycin yield than the industrial high yield Ab strain. These findings uncover the role of protein acylation in precursor supply for antibiotics biosynthesis and provide efficient post-translational modification-metabolic engineering strategy (named as PTM-ME) in synthetic biology for improvement of secondary metabolites.