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Precise Turn-On Voltage Control of MIOSM Thin-Film Diodes with Amorphous Indium–Gallium–Zinc Oxide

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posted on 04.01.2021, 16:08 by Kyungho Kim, Jun-Woo Park, Donggun Lee, Yong Hyun Cho, Youn Sang Kim
Recently, metal–insulator–oxide semiconductor–metal (MIOSM) thin-film diodes (TFDs) have received attention as next-generation diodes due to their high rectification ratio and broad option on the operating voltage range. Nevertheless, precise turn-on voltage control of the MIOSM TFDs has been required for circuit design convenience. Here, we present a simple and accurate method of controlling the turn-on voltage of MIOSM TFDs. Studies on current–voltage characteristics reveal that controlling carrier injection into trap states in an insulator by oxygen vacancy variation of the oxide semiconductor plays a key role in the turn-on voltage shift of MIOSM TFDs. Moreover, by controlling the trap states in the insulator, the finely tuned turn-on voltages of the MIOSM TFDs are demonstrated for both low-voltage- and high-voltage-driving diodes. MIOSM TFDs with adjustable turn-on voltage, which can be built more efficiently and accurately, are expected to make oxide-based circuit designs more precise and straightforward.