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Precise Attoliter Temperature Control of Nanopore Sensors Using a Nanoplasmonic Bullseye

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posted on 2015-01-14, 00:00 authored by Colin R. Crick, Pablo Albella, Binghao Ng, Aleksandar P. Ivanov, Tyler Roschuk, Michael P. Cecchini, Fernando Bresme, Stefan A. Maier, Joshua B. Edel
Targeted temperature control in nanopores is greatly important in further understanding biological molecules. Such control would extend the range of examinable molecules and facilitate advanced analysis, including the characterization of temperature-dependent molecule conformations. The work presented within details well-defined plasmonic gold bullseye and silicon nitride nanopore membranes. The bullseye nanoantennae are designed and optimized using simulations and theoretical calculations for interaction with 632.8 nm laser light. Laser heating was monitored experimentally through nanopore conductance measurements. The precise heating of nanopores is demonstrated while minimizing the accumulation of heat in the surrounding membrane material.