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Practical Guidelines for the Safe Use of Fluorine Gas Employing Continuous Flow Technology

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posted on 2022-02-01, 14:06 authored by Desiree Znidar, Doris Dallinger, C. Oliver Kappe
Despite a strong demand for fluorinated molecules in the pharma and agrochemical industry, the production of fluorinated compounds is often outsourced to specialized laboratories. This is likely the result of safety concerns in handling hazardous fluorinating reagents, alongside the lack of expertise and equipment. Continuous flow chemistry has become an established method to perform hazardous reactions in a safe and controlled manner. To address safety issues and technical challenges, we herein provide a detailed description of the design of an advanced fluorine gas delivery system using 10% fluorine in nitrogen. Furthermore, an overview of suitable flow reactor components and the reactor design on laboratory scale is furnished. The safety precautions to mitigate risks associated with handling 10% fluorine in nitrogen are also covered and include safety equipment integrated in the fluorine facility, risk assessment, personal protective equipment, and first aid measures.