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Polymersomes from Amphiphilic Glycopolymers Containing Polymeric Liquid Crystal Grafts

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journal contribution
posted on 20.10.2015, 00:00 by Khalid Ferji, Cécile Nouvel, Jérôme Babin, Min-Hui Li, Cédric Gaillard, Erwan Nicol, Christophe Chassenieux, Jean-Luc Six
For the first time, polymersomes were obtained by self-assembly in water of amphiphilic grafted glycopolymers based on dextran polysaccharidic backbone and polymeric liquid crystal grafts (poly­(diethylene glycol cholesteryl ether acrylate), PDEGCholA). After measuring the properties of these glycopolymers in term of surfactancy, the influence of their structural parameters on their self-assemblies once dispersed in water was investigated by static and dynamic light scattering and by cryogenic transmission electron microscopy (cryo-TEM). Based on the results, a proper design of Dex-gN-PDEGCholAF leads to hollow vesicular structure formulation known as polymersome.