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Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly of Homopolymer and Diblock Copolymer: A Facile Approach for Preparing Polymer Nano-Objects with Higher-Order Morphologies

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posted on 2017-03-08, 18:50 authored by Jianbo Tan, Chundong Huang, Dongdong Liu, Xueliang Li, Jun He, Qin Xu, Li Zhang
Polymerization-induced self-assembly of homopolymer and diblock copolymer using a binary mixture of small chain transfer agent (CTA) and macromolecular chain transfer agent (macro-CTA) is reported. With this system, homopolymer and diblock copolymer were formed and chain extended at the same time to form polymer nano-objects. The molar ratio of homopolymer and diblock copolymer had a significant effect on the morphology of the polymer nano-objects. Porous vesicles, porous nanospheres, and micron-sized particles with highly porous inner structure were prepared by this method. We expect that this method will greatly expand the promise of polymerization-induced self-assembly for the synthesis of a range of polymer nano-objects with unique morphologies.