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Polymer Nanoreactors with Dual Functionality: Simultaneous Detoxification of Peroxynitrite and Oxygen Transport

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posted on 2016-02-20, 06:33 authored by Dominik Dobrunz, Adriana C. Toma, Pascal Tanner, Thomas Pfohl, Cornelia G. Palivan
The design of multifunctional systems is in focus today as a key strategy for coping with complex challenges in various domains that include chemistry, medicine, environmental sciences, and technology. Herein, we introduce protein-containing polymer nanoreactors with dual functionality: peroxynitrite degradation and oxygen transport. Vesicles made of poly-(2-methyloxazoline)–poly­(dimethylsiloxane)–poly­(2-methyloxazoline) successfully encapsulated hemoglobin (Hb), which serves as a model protein because of its dual function in oxygen transport and peroxynitrite degradation. By inserting channel proteins, the polymer membranes of vesicles permitted passage of various compounds that served for the assessment of in situ Hb activity. The requisite conformational changes in the protein structure and the change in oxidation states that took place within the confined space of the vesicle cavity demonstrated that Hb preserved its dual functionality: peroxynitrite degradation and oxygen transport. The functionality of our nanoreactor, combined with its simple procedure of production and extensive stability over several months, supports it as a promising system for further medical applications.