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Polymer–DNA Molecular Net for Selective Transportation of Target Biomolecules and Inhibition of Tumor Growth

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posted on 25.05.2016, 00:00 by Jihyun Lee, Yeong Mi Lee, Won Jong Kim
We demonstrate a new concept of a molecular net for capturing, release, and transportation of target molecules by utilizing polymer-based DNA molecular net (PD-mn). Target biomolecules like DNA, ATP, and VEGF were successfully captured from a heterogeneous mixture of biomolecules and released by a stimulus without nonspecific degradation by PD-mn prepared by polymerization of acrylamide and acrydite-modified DNA. Furthermore, by introducing fluorescence-labeled competitor DNA, single-mismatched DNA was specifically detected. As a concept of artificial transporter, PD-mn selectively captured target biomolecules from a heterogeneous mixture of molecules into a specific enzymatic reaction solution and induced enzyme-mediated reaction. Finally, effective in vivo antitumor effect was demonstrated utilizing sheet-shaped PD-mn which has improved capture ability against VEGF as a target biomolecule by amplified DNA VEGF aptamer. This PD-mn could be used as not only a selective molecular adsorbent or artificial transporter for specific capture and release of target molecules but also therapeutics by specific capture of disease-related molecules.