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Poly(γ-glutamic acid) Hydrogels with Water-Sensitive Luminescence Derived from Aggregation-Induced Emission of o-Carborane

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posted on 10.08.2010, 00:00 by Kenta Kokado, Atsushi Nagai, Yoshiki Chujo
We demonstrate the synthesis of a novel diglycidyl compound exhibiting aggregation-induced emission (AIE) derived from o-carborane, and employed it as a cross-linking reagent to prepare translucent hydrogels consisting of poly(γ-glutamic acid). Swelling ratio of the obtained hydrogels depended on the cross-linking density. Higher cross-linking density of the obtained hydrogels led to stronger emission in the swollen state, and finally the absolute quantum yield reached 0.10, which is directed to that of cross-linker with AIE in water dispersion (ΦF = 0.19). The luminescence character of lower cross-linked hydrogels was drastically influenced by the gel-shrinkage from the change of ionic strength. Furthermore, these hydrogels showed effective reversible fluorescence switching between the swollen and dried states.