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Platelet-Membrane-Coated Nanoparticles Enable Vascular Disrupting Agent Combining Anti-Angiogenic Drug for Improved Tumor Vessel Impairment

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posted on 02.03.2021, 14:34 by Bozhao Li, Tianjiao Chu, Jingyan Wei, Yinlong Zhang, Feilong Qi, Zefang Lu, Chao Gao, Tianjiao Zhang, Ershuai Jiang, Junchao Xu, Jiaqi Xu, Suping Li, Guangjun Nie
Compared with traditional chemotherapeutics, vascular disruption agents (VDAs) have the advantages of rapidly blocking the supply of nutrients and starving tumors to death. Although the VDAs are effective under certain scenarios, this treatment triggers angiogenesis in the later stage of therapy that frequently leads to tumor recurrence and treatment failure. Additionally, the nonspecific tumor targeting and considerable side effects also impede the clinical applications of VDAs. Here we develop a customized strategy that combines a VDA with an anti-angiogenic drug (AAD) using mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs) coated with platelet membrane for the self-assembled tumor targeting accumulation. The tailor-made nanoparticles accumulate in tumor tissues through the targeted adhesion of platelet membrane surface to damaged vessel sites, resulting in significant vascular disruption and efficient anti-angiogenesis in animal models. This study demonstrates the promising potential of combining VDA and AAD in a single nanoplatform for tumor eradication.