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Physicochemical Evaluation of Micellar Solution and Lyotropic Phases Formed by Self-Assembled Aggregates of Morpholinium Geminis

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posted on 01.09.2017, 08:13 by Avinash Bhadani, Ananda Kafle, Setsuko Koura, Kenichi Sakai, Hideki Sakai, Masahiko Abe
The micellar solution and the lyotropic liquid crystalline phases formed by gemini surfactants containing morpholinium headgroups are investigated for their self-aggregation and physicochemical properties in water. These gemini surfactants demonstrated good surface activity because they are able to undergo micellization at lower concentration and form nanosized micellar aggregates in dilute aqueous solution. The binary mixture of the morpholinium gemini surfactant–water system is investigated over a wide range of concentrations. The micellar solution of the morpholinium gemini surfactants demonstrated Newtonian fluidlike behavior between 10 and 50 wt % as the observed viscosities were independent of the applied shear rate. At higher concentration, morpholinium geminis formed self-assembled lyotropic phases in water. These liquid crystalline phases were characterized by small-angle X-ray scattering and polarized optical microscopy techniques.