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Photoredox-Catalyzed 1,4-Peroxidation–Sulfonylation of Enynones: A Three-Component Radical Coupling Approach for the Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Allenes

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posted on 2024-04-03, 12:39 authored by Divya Bhatt, Kosei Miyake, Shuichi Nakamura, Hun Young Kim, Kyungsoo Oh
An Eosin Y-catalyzed visible light-promoted 1,4-peroxidation–sulfonylation of enynones was achieved to give tetrasubstituted allenes. The photoredox catalysis of Eosin Y allowed the concomitant formation of peroxy and sulfonyl radicals, where the preferential peroxy radical addition to the alkene moiety of enynones resulted in the subsequent α-keto radical–sulfonyl radical cross couplings. The developed photoredox catalysis of Eosin Y demonstrates a regioselective 1,4-diradical addition strategy, opening up a new possibility of diradical functionalization of conjugate systems.