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Photon Pairs from Resonant Metasurfaces

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posted on 10.05.2021, 22:29 authored by Tomás Santiago-Cruz, Anna Fedotova, Vitaliy Sultanov, Maximilian A. Weissflog, Dennis Arslan, Mohammadreza Younesi, Thomas Pertsch, Isabelle Staude, Frank Setzpfandt, Maria Chekhova
All-dielectric optical metasurfaces are a workhorse in nano-optics, because of both their ability to manipulate light in different degrees of freedom and their excellent performance at light frequency conversion. Here, we demonstrate first-time generation of photon pairs via spontaneous parametric-down conversion in lithium niobate quantum optical metasurfaces with electric and magnetic Mie-like resonances at various wavelengths. By engineering the quantum optical metasurface, we tailor the photon-pair spectrum in a controlled way. Within a narrow bandwidth around the resonance, the rate of pair production is enhanced up to 2 orders of magnitude, compared to an unpatterned film of the same thickness and material. These results enable flat-optics sources of entangled photonsa new promising platform for quantum optics experiments.