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Photoluminescence, Thermal Transport, and Breakdown in Joule-Heated GaN Nanowires

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posted on 14.01.2009, 00:00 by Tyler Westover, Reese Jones, J. Y. Huang, George Wang, Elaine Lai, A. Alec Talin
Thermal transport and breakdown in Joule-heated GaN nanowires is investigated using a combination of microphotoluminescence and in situ TEM characterization. The thermal conductivity of the nanowires is estimated to be <80 W/m·K, which is substantially below the bulk GaN value. Catastrophic breakdown in individual nanowires is observed to occur at a maximum temperature of approximately 1000 K, and nanowire morphology near the breakdown region indicates that failure occurs via thermal decomposition, a conclusion that is validated by in situ TEM images obtained during the failure process.