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Photoinduced Syntheses and Reactivities of Phosphorus-Containing Interelement Compounds

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posted on 2020-10-28, 17:48 authored by Yuki Yamamoto, Ryo Tanaka, Miyuto Ota, Misaki Nishimura, Cong Chi Tran, Shin-ichi Kawaguchi, Shintaro Kodama, Akihiro Nomoto, Akiya Ogawa
The photoinduced reactions of tetraphenyl­diphosphine disulfide with a range of organic dichalcogenides successfully afforded a series of phosphorus­(V)–chalcogen interelement compounds via a radical process. The relative reactivities of the organic dichalcogenides (i.e., (PhS)2, (PhSe)2, and (PhTe)2) toward the PIII or PV groups in the diphosphine analogues under light were investigated in detail, and a convenient method was developed to form P–S or P–Se interelement compounds from tetraphenyl­diphosphine disulfide and (PhS)2 or (PhSe)2 upon photoirradiation. Furthermore, the relative photochemical properties and reactivities of tetraphenyldiphophine (P–P interelement compound) and its analogues toward photoinduced radical addition reactions were also discussed. The formed P–E (E = S, Se) interelement compounds could be utilized for ionic reactions, and they could be transformed into various phosphine reagents via one-pot processes.