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Photoinduced Palladium-Catalyzed Radical Heck-Type Coupling of Cyclobutanone Oxime Esters with Vinyl Arenes

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posted on 2024-05-02, 16:08 authored by Sen Yang, Sha-Sha Cai, Jun-Hua Li, Ming Chen
A palladium-catalyzed radical Heck-type coupling reaction of cyclobutanone oxime esters with olefins under visible-light irradiation has been developed. The cyanoalkyl/Pd(I) hybrid species generated by selected ring-opening C–C bond cleavage of imino/Pd(I) species reacted smoothly with vinyl arenes, delivering the cyanoalkylation olefins under mild conditions. This elegant strategy has a broad scope and functional group tolerance. Subsequently, late-stage functionalization of bioactive molecules and synthetic transformations of the product further confirm the practicality.