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Photoinduced Electron Transfer within Porphyrin-Containing Poly(amide) Dendrimers

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posted on 28.04.2001, 00:00 by Gregory J. Capitosti, Susan J. Cramer, Cheruvallil S. Rajesh, David A. Modarelli
The synthesis and photophysical characterization of a series of free base porphyrin-containing polyamide dendrimers terminated with anthraquinone groups (FbP-Ga-AQn, a = 1−3, n = 12, 36, 108) are described. Substantial quenching (58−75%) of the porphyrin fluorescence of FbP-Ga-AQn is observed when compared to the analogous ethyl-terminated dendrimers (FbP-Ga-Etn) in steady-state fluorescence experiments and is attributed to intramolecular electron transfer. Time-resolved fluorescence experiments were fit to 2−3 exponentials, indicating multiple orientations for electron transfer, consistent with the flexible nature of these dendrimers.