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Photodissociation Dynamics of CO-Forming Channels on the Ground-State Surface of Methyl Formate at 248 nm: Direct Dynamics Study and Assessment of Generalized Multicenter Impulsive Models

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posted on 28.01.2021, 19:04 by Federico Palazzetti, Po-Yu Tsai
The photodissociation dynamics of methyl formate in the electronic ground state S0, initiated by a 248 nm-wavelength laser, is studied by direct dynamics simulations. We analyze five channels, where four of them have as products CH3OH + CO, one leading to the formation of three fragments, H2CO + H2 + CO, and a channel characterized by a roaming transition state. The analysis of energy distribution among the degrees of freedom of the product and the comparison with experimental results previously published by other groups provide the ingredients to distinguish the examined dissociation pathways. The interpretation of the results proves that the characterization of dissociation mechanisms must rely on a dynamics approach involving multiple electronic states, including considerations on the features of the S1/S0 conical intersection. Here, we also assess the generalized multicenter impulsive model, GMCIM, that has been designed for dissociation processes with exit barriers, and the energy distribution in the products is predicted on the basis of information from the saddle points and the intrinsic reaction coordinates. Main features, advantages, limits, and future perspectives of the method are reported and discussed.