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Photocatalytic Activity Enhancement for Bi2WO6 by Fluorine Substitution

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posted on 2009-11-12, 00:00 authored by Rui Shi, Guangli Huang, Jie Lin, Yongfa Zhu
F substituted Bi2WO6 (Bi2WO6−XF2X) photocatalysts with high activity have been successfully synthesized by a two-step process. The effects of F substitution on the crystal structure and photocatalytic activity of Bi2WO6 were investigated. F substitution could change the original coordination around the W and Bi atoms. Comparing with Bi2WO6, the photocatalytic activity of Bi2WO6−XF2X increased about 2 times for degradation of MB under visible-light (λ > 420 nm) irradiation. Density functional calculations revealed that Bi2WO6−XF2X has a wider valence bandwidth and lower valence band position. The high activities of Bi2WO6−XF2X photocatalysts come from its valence band which increase the mobility of photoexcited charge carriers and possess a stronger oxidation power.