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Pestalotheols A−D, Bioactive Metabolites from the Plant Endophytic Fungus Pestalotiopsis theae

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posted on 25.04.2008, 00:00 by Erwei Li, Renrong Tian, Shuchun Liu, Xulin Chen, Liangdong Guo, Yongsheng Che
Pestalotheols A−D (14), four new metabolites, have been isolated from cultures of an isolate of the plant endophytic fungus Pestalotiopsis theae. The structures of these compounds were determined by NMR spectroscopy, and 1 is further confirmed by X-ray crystallography. The absolute configurations of compounds 1 and 3 were assigned by application of the modified Mosher method. Pestalotheol C (3) displayed an inhibitory effect on HIV-1LAI replication in C8166 cells with an EC50 value of 16.1 µM.