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Pd–Ag@CeO2 Catalyst of Core–Shell Structure for Low Temperature Oxidation of Toluene Under Visible Light Irradiation

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posted on 26.12.2018, 00:00 authored by Jian Gao, Zhichun Si, Yunfan Xu, Liping Liu, Yuanyuan Zhang, Xiaodong Wu, Rui Ran, Duan Weng
Heterogeneous thermocatalysis is widely used for the removal of VOCs. However, it is energy-consuming because it must operate at high temperatures. Combining thermocatalysis with photocatalysis makes it possible for the efficient abatement of VOCs at low temperatures. In this work, Pd–Ag@CeO2 photothermal catalyst was synthesized via synthesizing ceria-coated Ag nanoparticles followed by loading Pd nanoparticles by the liquid-phase reduction method. The catalyst has a core–shell structure which induces strong electron interactions between Pd/Ag and CeO2 and significantly improves the light harvest, charge separation and dissociative adsorption of Pd–Ag@CeO2 in the visible region. The Pd–Ag@CeO2 catalyst has a good catalytic performance in toluene oxidation, showing the T50 of Pd–Ag@CeO2 at only 88 °C under visible light irradiation. Finally, the possible catalytic mechanism has also been proposed for the oxidation of toluene under visible light irradiation.