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Patterning Thin-Layer Material of Oriented Meso- and Macroscopic Hollow Hemispheres and Its Facile Lithography

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posted on 02.05.2002, 00:00 by Ippei Noda, Masahiko Yamada
Thin-layer materials of high-density ordered arrays of meso- and macropores were fabricated by self-assembly of organic-functionalized hollow hemispheres on a substrate, and low center of gravity and organic-functional groups of the hemispheres played an important role in forming these ordered arrangements. By the use of the thin-layer material as a mold, the fabrication of nanometer-sized structure extended to replica molding from studies of the self-assembly of the hemispheres. As a result, solvent-assisted cast micromolding of a thermoplastic resin afforded microlens arrays on the polymer fabricated by filling the surface of the master with a fluid polymer softened by a solvent which was subsequently evaporated. On the other hand, compression micromolding provided pore arrays in a polymer sheet, and the pores were packed together as closely as the geometry allowed in the sheet. The concave microstructures were obtained by stamping the master on a thermoplastic resin that had been thermally softened. The developed lithographic methodology offers a facile method for generating a number of nanostructures and, therefore, has potential for the manufacturing of nanostructures.