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Partitioning Behavior of Alkan-1-ols between Milkfat and Aqueous Phases As Influenced by Temperature

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posted on 06.04.2005, 00:00 by Dan P. Berg, Scott A. Rankin
Partitioning of volatile compounds between lipid and aqueous phases may influence flavor perception and availability to participate in flavor-generating reactions. The objective of this research was to characterize the partitioning of short-chain alkan-1-ols between milkfat and aqueous phases, as influenced by temperature, as compared to an octan-1-ol/water biphasic system (Log P). Temperature has a positive, but nonlinear, influence on Log P values for alkan-1-ols. There is an approximately 1 log decrease in Log P values of milkfat/water as compared to octan-1-ol/water systems; similar trends were observed across chain length. Temperature has a greater effect on alkan-1-ol partitioning in milkfat/water systems than octan-1-ol/water. The latter observation is primarily attributed to the solidification of milkfat at temperatures below 40 °C and the resulting reduction in liquid lipid solvent volume. Keywords: Volatile; cheese; Log P; temperature; aroma; partitioning