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Paraffin-Inert Atmospheric Solid Analysis Probe: A Fast and Easy Approach To Characterize Extremely Air-Sensitive Organometallic Complexes by Mass Spectrometry

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posted on 02.01.2020, 17:36 by Ahmad Naim, Mathilde Farenc, Marie Hubert-Roux, Thierry Chavagnan, Virginie Cirriez, Alexandre Welle, Aurelien Vantomme, Evgueni Kirillov, Jean-François Carpentier, Carlos Afonso, Pierre Giusti
Rational characterization of most organometallic compounds is hampered by their high reactivity, in particular, toward oxygen and water. Mass spectrometry experiments require physical introduction of the sample in the ionization source. So, the main challenge is to transfer air-sensitive organometallic compounds from inert atmosphere to the ionization source. In this aim, we have developed an easy technique that allows the analysis of air-sensitive compounds using the atmospheric solid analysis probe (ASAP). This method consists of a glass capillary filled with the sample (solid or liquid) and sealed by a paraffin plug to maintain the inert sample until the ionization process. It is illustrated through the structural characterization of a new highly air-sensitive dinuclear zirconium complex supported by an original switchable stilbene platform.