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Palladium-Catalyzed Cascade Difluoroalkylation and Phosphinoylation of 2‑Vinyloxy Arylalkynes: Selective Synthesis of Difluoroalkyl-Containing Tetrasubstituted Alkenylphosphine Oxides

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journal contribution
posted on 14.07.2021, 13:03 by Pengbo Zhang, Guo Yu, Ning Zhao, Shanshan Zhang, Minghui Zhang, Longyu Wang, Zhaoting Li, Jianxi Ying, Xia Gao
A Pd-catalyzed difluoroalkylation/cyclization/phosphinoylation of 2-vinyloxy arylalkynes with ethyl difluoroiodoacetate and diarylphosphine oxides has been successfully developed. This reaction allows the formation of Csp3–CF2, Csp3–Csp2, and Csp2–P­(O) bonds in one step, providing a straightforward route to difluoroalkyl-containing tetrasubstituted alkenylphosphine oxides with complete stereoselectivities under mild conditions.