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Palladium-Catalyzed C3-Arylations of 1H- and 2H‑Pyrazolo[4,3‑b]pyridines on Water

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posted on 21.09.2018, 00:00 by Soukaina Faarasse, Saïd El Kazzouli, Franck Suzenet, Gérald Guillaumet
Direct C3-arylation of 1H-pyrazolo­[4,3-b]­pyridines and direct C3-arylation of 2H-pyrazolo­[4,3-b]­pyridines in water has been developed. A new protocol for a sequential C3-arylation procedure on a mixture of 1H- and 2H-pyrazolo­[4,3-b]­pyridines followed by in situ PMB cleavage has also been achieved. This procedure led to unprotected (NH) C3-arylated 1H-pyrazolo­[4,3-b]­pyridines in good yields.