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Pairing Heterocyclic Cations with closo-Icosahedral Borane and Carborane Anions. I. Benchtop Aqueous Synthesis of Binary Triazolium and Imidazolium Salts with Limited Water Solubility

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posted on 18.06.2009, 00:00 by Scott A. Shackelford, John L. Belletire, Jerry A. Boatz, Stefan Schneider, Amanda K. Wheaton, Brett A. Wight, Leslie M. Hudgens, Herman L. Ammon, Steven H. Strauss
Ten new salts that pair triazolium and imidazolium cations with closo-icosahedral anions [B12H12]2− and [CB11H12] were synthesized in water solvent using an open-air, benchtop method. These unreported [Heterocyclium]2[B12H12] and [Heterocyclium][CB11H12] salts extend reports of [Imidazolium][CB11H12] and [Pyridinium][CB11H12] salts that were synthesized in anhydrous organic solvents under an inert atmosphere with glovebox or Schlenk techniques. Spectroscopic data, melting points, and densities are reported for each salt. Single-crystal X-ray structures are provided for the five new [B12H12]2− salts.